2019 - ongoing

In this series of constructed self-portraits I respond to found texts on male same-sex hook-up sites. 

I scour apps and websites for adverts looking for people and acts which are notable for their specificity, and which are within the scope of my physical characteristics. I then take the text of the advert - which becomes the title of the picture - and attempt to create an "ideal" response to it through self-portrait.


Acting as stylist, set decorator, subject and photographer, each image is made on a shoe-string budget in a corner of my flat.

Through the series I aim to interrogate ideas around the performance of masculinities; the atomisation of queer sexualities; digital identity and the transactional discourse of online dating; and the photographic portrait as an unreliable and unstable signifier of the self. 

© Mitchell Moreno 2018

Images may not be reproduced, re-posted or published without written consent.