BODY COPY is a photo-text series exploring the performance of queer masculinities in digital culture.  


Moreno began the project by creating a data set of one thousand lines of found text collected from male same-sex hook-up apps and websites, which they arranged alphabetically to create a conceptual text piece. The adverts range from the touching through the humorous to the unsettling, often revealing highly problematic attitudes towards race, class, ability, and gender. 


From this list Moreno chose 37 adverts which were within the scope of their physical characteristics, and attempted to create "ideal" responses through self-portrait.


Acting as stylist, set decorator, subject and photographer, each image was made on a shoe-string budget in a corner of the artist's flat.


Moreno is in recovery from body dysmorphic and eating disorders, and the project functioned as a means of addressing the crisis of being photographed and of seeing themselves.


Moving beyond the psychotherapeutic, the series explores how queer masculinities are unstable constructions, rooted in material and digital cultures and inextricably linked to the interests of neoliberalism.


2021   Photofusion, London, UK (solo show)

2021   Ballarat International Foto Biennale, Australia

2020   Singapore International Photo Festival

2020   Copenhagen Photo Festival (physical show cancelled due to Covid-19)

2020   Emergentes at Encontros da Imagem, Portugal


2021   LOUPE, issue 12 (cover and lead feature)

2021   Photomonitor, exhibition review by Ricardo Reveron Blanco 

2019   British Journal of Photography, issue 7890  


2021   Exhibition text, Photofusion Gallery