In this series of 26 constructed self-portraits Moreno responds to found texts on male same-sex hook-up sites. 

The artist obsessively scours apps and websites for adverts which are notably specific and which are within the scope of their physical characteristics. They then take the text of the advert - which becomes the title of the picture - and attempt to create an "ideal" response to it through self-portrait.


Acting as stylist, set decorator, subject and photographer, each image is made on a shoe-string budget in a corner of their flat.


Moreno is in recovery from a body dysmorphic and eating disorder, and the project originated as a way of addressing the crisis of being photographed and of seeing themselves.


Moving beyond the psychotherapeutic, the series explores how queer masculinities are performative, codified, and unstable constructions, rooted in material and digital cultures. 


The installation for the Copenhagen Photo Festival 2020 (physical version cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic) is conceived as a theatrical dias with double-sided monolithic light boxes standing like actors in the space. A thousand lines of found text from hook-up ads are printed on the floor. 



Copenhagen Photo Festival 2020 (physical version cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic)

© Mitchell Moreno 2020

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